Very sad to report that Ron Pell, a major force in my sailing projects, left port today for the Great Unknown, that part of the hereafter where gifted mariners discover peace.

Gone is the sailor .... Gifted sailor Ron on trials for an OSTAR entry a few years ago.

Ron, aged about 79, had been suffering from cancer for some time.

He died at about 3 this morning, Thursday, 29 December.

His daughter, Sue, a keen sailor, was at his bedside along with her mother Joan, also a sailing enthusiast.


Ron was a major worker and re-designer of the interior of the schooner Seltrust Endeavour when she was chosen for the Spirit of Pentax project.

The yacht was stripped out for singlehanded sailing, to make her as light and speed worthy as possible.

In spite of major faults that developed along the way, steering, and a fractured foremast in an overturning in the Southern Ocean, Pentax completed her circumnavigation, making me a solo Cape Horner.

A second rounding

I took the yacht across the South Atlantic for an attempt at a second rounding of the planet, but despite Ron's best efforts to strengthen various aspects of the construction, the schooner was not up to it, and the bid ended at Cape Town after an overturning by heavy seas in the Southern Ocean which wrecked the self-steering gear and other eqipment.

Messages of sympathy have arrived from Gerry Adamson, Gavin Howe, Julie Dolton, Bob Abrahams, Wendy West, and many more ...

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