Where’s your dream location for a break come the end of the fat lad’s LockDown in – thankfully – less than a fortnight now? Spain, South America, the South Sea islands?

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Paradise look alike ... Cape Town, heavenly if not the actual promised Paradise. It is a truly wonderful part of our world, and thoroughly recommended.
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For me, it would be riotous, deeply troubled Cape Town, if I could afford the flight and accommodation.

And why?


There’s nowhere on the planet quite like it.

Troubles exist there aplenty, that’s so. It’s the only place in the world where I have been mugged, and that three times.

And it is such an odd almost eccentric part of the world. The gorgeous city of Cape Town chock-full of desperate African people who arrive from faraway 'home towns' to seek their fortunes in the new South Africa.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Photo by Thomas Bennie on Unsplash
Of course, the wild political hope doesn't exist. However, hope being what it is - and Good Hope at that - the people follow their dreams, which for so many prove to be similar to nightmares.

And life can be very short on normal comforts.

Squatter camps

On the route in from the airport, you can’t avoid seeing squatter camps and housing where residents have to go outdoors to the long, long row of basic loos which presumably the designers/builders forgot to include indoors.

Go for a restaurant meal, and try not to look into the kitchen area for it seems most of the staff come from the places where hygiene appears to be – if it is to be found at all – not exactly part of life.

And yet visit Sea Point and all that part of the Atlantic coast, and you’ll taste magic. The scenery is stupendous, the air you breathe, when the breeze arrives from the ocean, is just about pure.

An irony is that when the Cape Doctor blows, the fierce, gusty wind that falls from Table Mountain, the air is coming down from way up there, higher perhaps than heaven, and it, too, is angelically uncontaminated.

It’s hard not to see the poverty and yet there are astonishing oases of culture. Let me name just three:

The Book Lounge has an astonishing range of books from the latest published going well back.

The Labia cinema is wonderfully upmarket in its tastes and offers a stunning range of films each week.

Cape Town’s libraries definitely deserve a mention, too, for they keep up to date and are the perfect add-on for a great break.

I thoroughly recommend a Cape break. You’ll have the time of your life, and the memories of it will live with you forever.

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